What is the Upstate Jobs Party?

The Upstate Jobs Party is a necessity borne from decades of poor governance and empty promises of politicians saying they will create jobs. Yet they keep repeating the mistakes of the past as we watch more of our best and brightest talent flee Upstate New York to pursue opportunities in new industries they don’t find here in our region.

Learn more about how the Upstate Jobs Party is breathing new life into the American Dream. 

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Building sustainable economies powered by growth in tomorrow’s industries that are based on innovation attractive to our region’s best talent.

We all want the freedoms of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
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Forging cooperative partnerships between government, innovation industry entrepreneurs, and a deserving workforce.

Our governnance has been riddled with corruption, incompetence and misguided policies.
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Valuing every worker, while leading changes in the region to spur significant private sector investment in the newer industries – a proven strategy that spurs job creation, regional economic growth and higher wages across the board.  A strategy that empowers the American workforce, builds families and communities, and creates more individual opportunity and choice!

We all know our system is broken.
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Educating future generations in schools and colleges that adopt more effective and efficient use of digital tools, increase student engagement, and better prepare graduates for the rapidly evolving workplace, while expanding pathways to connect emerging entrepreneurs with local business professionals.

How will the Smart Jobs Party make a difference?
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We’re Here To Help Create Jobs

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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