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A movement about breathing new life into the American Dream – the Upstate Jobs Party is a necessity borne from decades of poor governance and empty promises of politicians saying they will create jobs. Yet they keep repeating the mistakes of the past as we watch more of our best and brightest talent flee Upstate New York to pursue opportunities in new industries they don’t find here in our region. Our governance has been riddled with corruption, incompetence and misguided policies. Our duopoly of political parties has morphed into a patronage program promising entitlements to the rich and poor alike – all paid for by a dying middle class.

  • We reject the belief that our political establishment is sufficiently capable of leading America through a world of global competition, technological disruption and environmental degradation.

  • We reject the public relations game politicians play where corporate welfare is disguised as economic development in order to lure business, ensure political donation and provide themselves headlines and taxpayer paid advertising.

  • We believe in term limits for elected officials as well as campaign finance reform to diminish the power Political Action Committee special interest funding has in dominating how politicians raise money to get elected.

  • We believe in an America first immigration policy that secures our borders and puts priority on accepting immigrants who have the skills we need to grow our economy.

  • We reject the notion that the new economy requires a lowered standard of living and uprooting our families to migrate in order to survive.

  • We believe in the individual – and that a smart, sustainable economy and society begins with better jobs in Upstate NY for all of us.

  • We believe in a Hamiltonian meritocracy – and that education, invention, innovation and effort need to be encouraged and equitably rewarded.

  • We believe in fair market capitalism – and that risk capital, startups and small businesses are the bedrock of a strong jobs market and a thriving middle class.

The Upstate Jobs Party is the conception of Martin Babinec of Little Falls, NY. Learn more about how he plans to inject his experience as an entrepreneur, creative thinker, innovator and collaborator into the halls of Congress in Bloom Where You’re Planted -> 

We all want the freedoms of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It’s what the American Dream is built on. But many of us are discouraged about the state of our country. Take a view through our lens in Upstate Jobs Party – Smart, Sustainable Future ->

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