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The purpose of the Upstate Jobs Party is to provide an independent political platform advocating policies and region wide collaboration aimed at growing jobs and building a vibrant, sustainable future that keeps our families together. We embrace policies, leaders and collaborative approaches that help people start and grow companies, jobs and build strong communities and families. UJP supporters have little patience for hollow promises and instead have a bias for action!
The first step in establishing the party was to secure a line on the ballot for the 2016 general election in NY’s 22nd Congressional District. Volunteers circulated petitions seeking signatures from eligible voters showing their support for the launch of the Upstate Jobs Party ballot line. A total of 3500 qualified signatures were required for the NY State Board of Elections to certify eligibility of the Upstate Jobs Party to appear as a line on the ballot in the 2016 general election. The Upstate Jobs Party received over 10,000 signatures! Watch Martin Babinec’s interview on Capital Tonight.
With one small exception, all registered voters in NY’s 22nd Congressional District were eligible to sign the petition helping to launch the Upstate Jobs Party ballot line, even if they are already registered in another political party. The sole exception was that since Martin Babinec was a nominee on the Upstate Jobs Party ballot line for the NY-22 Congressional District, voters who had signed a petition for any candidate running in the NY-22 Congressional race were the only voters in the District who were ineligible to sign the Upstate Jobs Party petition.
The Upstate Jobs Party is a volunteer organization. As we engage more volunteers, we actively seek those who desire to participate in leadership roles to help with further defining the UJP party platform, communicating the UJP message, assisting with volunteer recruitment and decisions such as defining leadership roles, candidate screening, compliance registration and other party matters. Join us!
No matter what the outcome of the NY-22 Congressional race, as long as volunteers emerge to engage in the effort to grow the UJP, it is the intent of both Martin Babinec and John Bullis to continue their support and efforts to grow the party. This would include inviting candidates to screen for the UJP line in 2017 and preparing for the 2018 elections with the goal of establishing a statewide party. We believe other politicians, including major party candidates, will want to list on the UJP line. This is how we have the chance to influence the political discourse – giving ballot access to candidates that embrace principles on a smarter path for creating jobs than we’ve done in the past!
For the 2016 general election, registration of the Upstate Jobs Party ballot line was limited to elections for offices located within the boundaries of NY’s 22nd Congressional District. In 2017, we will look to engage qualified candidates outside of NY’s 22nd District.
Candidates seeking to list on the Upstate Jobs Party ballot line should contact the Party to review requirements and process to be considered as a candidate.
Upstate Jobs Party is a volunteer organization without any paid staff or recurring expenses. Funding for the creation and maintenance of the UJP web site has been provided by Martin Babinec as part of his Congressional campaign.
While financial contributions to the Party cannot be accepted at this time, the Upstate Jobs Party welcomes your support as a volunteer and Brand Ambassador. Join Us!
Volunteers are invested to help with any of the following:

  • Inviting Martin Babinec or John Bullis to come and share remarks about UJP with a group of your friends or an organization you are affiliated with
  • Using our training resources to help make phone calls identifying voters and potential candidates receptive to Upstate Jobs Party message
  • For other opportunities to volunteer – email us at and we can discuss more options that work within your schedule and interests
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