Issues for a Smart Future

The Upstate Jobs Party key issues reinforces our belief that people, not government, create the private sector jobs we must have to restore economic vitality to our region.

Our issues focus on enabling individuals to creating well paying, innovation industry jobs is the surest path to building a foundation of renewal for Upstate New York’s families as well as a sustainable, stronger America – an America rededicated to fulfilling its promise of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for each and every individual.  

Our vision is an America able to offer significantly improved opportunity and choice; an America that can be trusted for leadership, counsel, and innovation, and an America that supports the expansion of principles of freedom and democracy around the World.

Toward achieving those ends, the Upstate Jobs Party is committed to:


Building sustainable economies powered by growth in tomorrow’s industries that are based on innovation attractive to our region’s best talent.


Giving our best and brightest talent reasons to choose home as a place to work and live.


Curbing government interference rising from job killing policies and unfunded mandates.


Changing government’s economic development role to emphasize regional collaboration rather than funding control.


Leveraging our abundant regional resources to advantage both taxpayers and businesses that create the jobs we need.


Educating future generations in schools and colleges that adopt more effective and efficient use of digital tools, increase student engagement, and better prepare graduates for the rapidly evolving workplace, and expand pathways to connect emerging entrepreneurs with local business professionals.


Valuing every worker, while leading changes that spur private sector investment in new industries to promote job creation, regional economic growth and higher wages. This strategy empowers the American workforce, builds families and communities, and creates more opportunities and choices.


Prioritizing solution-based political action over gridlocked partisanship. A promise to keep forging consensus, on behalf of all Americans, to get things done.


Working with a competent, highly motivated workforce to change how business is done. Emphasizing collaboration, innovation, resilience, and flexibility for all of us.


Incentivizing private investment in emerging innovation companies with smart growth policies.


Adopting common sense immigration policies that prioritize national security and economic vitality.


Identifying job-killing policies and mobilizing support for common sense solutions that help those with needs.


Forging cooperative partnerships between government, innovation industry entrepreneurs, and a deserving workforce.

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