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A movement breathing new life into the American Dream – the Upstate Jobs Party represents a new movement to fight back against decades of poor governance and empty promises of politicians saying they will create jobs. These same politicians keep repeating the mistakes of the past as we watch more of our best and brightest talent flee Upstate New York to pursue opportunities that they don’t find here in our region. Our government has been riddled with corruption, incompetence and misguided policies. Our broken governmental system has morphed into a patronage program promising entitlements to the rich and poor alike – all paid for by a dying middle class.

  • We reject the belief that our political establishment is sufficiently capable of leading America through a world of global competition, technological disruption and environmental degradation.

  • We reject the public relations game politicians play where corporate welfare is disguised as economic development in order to lure business, in exchange for political donations, headlines and taxpayer funded advertising.

  • We reject the notion that our economic future requires a lowered standard of living and continued outmigration to warmer and more business-friendly climates.

  • We believe in the individual – and recognize that because it is individual entrepreneurs who start companies that in turn create jobs, there is much we can do to shape an environment that encourages people to start businesses here instead of moving away to pursue dreams elsewhere. 

  • We believe in fair market capitalism – and that risk capital, startups and small businesses are the bedrock of a strong jobs market and a thriving middle class.

  • We believe that a new movement with clear vision on policies and approaches to job creation can influence political discourse – including among like-minded representatives and candidates from major parties who share our views on job creation policies and who benefit from UJP affiliation to broaden support for meaningful change.

Founded in 2016, the Upstate Jobs Party built initial support through the platform put forward by Martin Babinec, a successful entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of others start and grow companies in Upstate NY. Supporters of his independent Congressional bid for the NY-22nd District came together following the 2016 election with commitments to stay involved in advancing UJP towards forming a constituted political party in New York State. Meet the UJP leadership team ->

The Upstate Jobs Party is about removing job creation obstacles and mobilizing support to create new jobs by leveraging regional assets that help people start and grow companies here. Upstate Jobs Party –  a smart, sustainable future that can help keep our families together ->

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Martin Babinec and John Bullis are proven job growth and economic development leaders ready to take on the challenge of bringing high-quality jobs to UNY.


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