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About Kathryn Cartini

Kathryn Cartini is passionate about #SharingStories that inspire others to follow their hearts in work and life, herself included. As the founder and CEO of Peacock Media, an inbound marketing and multimedia storytelling firm in partnership with HubSpot, Kathryn assists startups, entrepreneurs and venture development organizations attract attention online with organic content, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and website design. Fascinated by the Digital Age, she is always searching for different ways to apply technology to the art of communication. You’ll likely find her darting about at various tech meetup groups and entrepreneur events snapping pictures on her iPhone to help promote Upstate’s vibrant startup scene. Ben Walsh leads fundraising for Syracuse mayoral race with a quarter-million dollars

By Chris Baker | SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Ben Walsh has collected more than a quarter-million dollars [...]

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Podcast: Creating Jobs in Upstate NY

Martin Babinec discusses: The types of jobs in Upstate NY needed to create a [...]

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Podcast: Who is Martin Babinec?

In the first Babinec JOBS Effect Podcast, Martin introduces himself and discusses [...]

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