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About Martin Babinec

Martin Babinec is a serial entrepreneur, venture catalyst and job creator. He founded TriNet, a publicly traded company that employs over 2,500 people across the U.S. and help small businesses with a cloud based Human Resources solution. He founded and Chairs IntroNet Corporation, a software platform that helps members of a group connect to resources and further grow the job creation environment. In 2010, Martin founded Upstate Venture Connect, a 501c3 nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to accelerating the creation and growth of emerging companies by helping entrepreneurs get connected to the resources who can help them. He serves as UVC Chairman and a volunteer. He’s also the co-founder of StartFast Venture Accelerator, which invests in and helps guide high-growth companies in Central New York. Through his Upstate Ventures portfolio, Martin has invested in dozens of New York based startups both directly and through several seed capital funds, which UVC helped create, to engage local business people in supporting Upstate startup companies.

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