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For more than 15 years, Timothy Dunn has advised political, business, entrepreneurial, academic and nonprofit leaders on strategic decision-making, branding, and communications. He currently serves as an advisor and consultant on communications, marketing and business strategy to clients in the technology, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, and non profit sectors through his firm Dunn Strategy Group, LLC. Learn more at

Football, Bruce Springsteen and Unity

If you’re like us, you watched every second of the Big Game on [...]

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New York Must Unite To Recover

As we watched today’s Inauguration of President Joe Biden, it’s difficult to shake [...]

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UJP Claims Strong Election Night Victory

With the 2020 election being one like none other, UJP celebrated victory! We [...]

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For State Lawmakers, Secrecy May Pay…Literally

Just in case you weren't totally fed up with Albany yet, take a [...]

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Why UJP Thinks Public Money Going to Private Companies is a Bad Idea

UJP has some core tenets or things we truly believe in. We're a [...]

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UJP Endorses CNY Jobs Champion Al Stirpe

Independent Political Organization Rounds Out Bipartisan Team of Candidates in CNY by Endorsing [...]

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UJP Announces First-Ever Endorsement in Southern Tier

Independent Political Organization Supporting Senator Tom O’Mara as Its First Candidate Endorsement in [...]

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UJP Endorses Catalfamo in 113th Assembly Race

Upstate Jobs Party Announces Major New Endorsement in Capital Region Independent Political Organization [...]

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Capitol Insider: UJP Pursues Party Status

The Times Union in Albany is one of the state's foremost authorities on [...]

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Times Union: UJP endorses bipartisan slate of legislators in Capital Region

Our Founder, Martin Babinec, recently spoke with Mandy Fries of the Albany Times [...]

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