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For more than 15 years, Timothy Dunn has advised political, business, entrepreneurial, academic and nonprofit leaders on strategic decision-making, branding, and communications. He currently serves as an advisor and consultant on communications, marketing and business strategy to clients in the technology, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, and non profit sectors through his firm Dunn Strategy Group, LLC. Learn more at

Fixing a Broken Government

The news stories about a broken New York State government have become too [...]

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Upstate Jobs Announces Economic Platform

Calling on candidates and policymakers to reinvigorate the Upstate Economy by scrapping a [...]

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UJP Interview on Capitol Pressroom

Recently, our founder Martin Babinec was featured on the Capitol Pressroom with David [...]

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COVID Didn’t Kill the Upstate Economy – Politicians Did

Long before we were faced with the challenges of the COVID shutdown, Upstate [...]

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Upstate Jobs Announce Education Reform Platform

Calling on candidates and policymakers to act upon lessons learned from homeschool and [...]

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Bringing It Back

We’ve seen the headlines for many years and felt it personally. Upstate has [...]

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Upstate Leads the Way in Reopening New York

For two months, we have endured a lockdown unlike anything in recent history [...]

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Leadership in Crisis

It’s the right time for the Governor to continue to show his strength as a chief executive by engaging a team within his administration tasked with accelerating decisions on the regional reopening schedule.

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Upstate is Different. Let’s Acknowledge it and Get to Work

One thing we see and hear regularly during this pandemic is “we’re all [...]

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Recovering from COVID and Restarting Upstate

As we appear to have seen a plateau in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations [...]

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