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New York Voters Join UJP in ‘Riding the Wave’

The 2018 Election was broadly predicted to be a “Blue Wave” across the country, as pundits and activists alike anticipated widening partisan divisiveness to manifest itself in a major win for Democrats in the first real electoral test of the Trump Presidency.  Enthusiasm from all New York voters was manifested [...]

Building a New Political Party in New York

Upstate Jobs Party builds strength and focus to establish a recognized political party for the 2022 elections The Upstate Jobs Party is a political movement dedicated to the creation of more good jobs in Upstate NY.  Our mission is to become established as a political party that is focused on [...]

Innovation Economy and What It Can Mean for Upstate NY

Talented, well-educated people are the first ingredient to a successful Upstate NY In Upstate New York, we know the story all too well – kids grow up, go to our great colleges, and leave for greener pastures.   We all have plenty of people we know that fall into this [...]

Martin Babinec Testimony to NYS Assembly

November 13, 2017 Hon. Robin Schimminger Member of Assembly Chair, Committee on Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry New York State Assembly Albany, NY Dear Representative Schimminger, My testimony today is with perspective as an Upstate native who moved away, built a Silicon Valley Company, then returned home where [...]

Vote for Change or More of the Same?

A new report by the Federal Reserve uncovers that only a handful of jobs have contributed to Upstate NY job growth since 2016. It’s time to hold politicians accountable for unfulfilled promises on creating jobs. It's time to Vote for Change. Despite the Cuomo administration's claim that Upstate NY is [...]

Collaboration is the key to creating real jobs in Upstate NY

The cities that succeed in the years ahead will be anchored on communities that collaborate to create high-growth startup economies. On the heels of worldwide news that Amazon will soon open a second headquarters, two Upstate NY metro areas are sharing in the spotlight. Rochester and Buffalo, NY have submitted [...]

Syracuse Mayoral Race: What Voters Want

Voters state Jobs & the Economy as single most important issue; Select Ben Walsh as a top candidate to take charge   As we enter into the final few weeks before the 2017 election, the Upstate Jobs Party is proud to see UJP candidate Ben Walsh #RiseAbove. According to a [...]

Another Day, Another Million – 43North Competition Lights Taxpayer Money On Fire

Hey New York State! Quit using taxpayers' money to pick winners! You’ve likely seen the spray of government-issued (press) releases throughout the last several months building up to the 4th Annual 43North Finals. 43North is a business venture competition in Buffalo, N.Y. Every year the competition awards $5 MILLION in [...]

Communities Create Better Upstate Jobs

Help our job creators by leveraging assets right here in our communities to create better Upstate jobs. Last week, William Dudley, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York released remarks on the State's economic outlook, focusing on job growth that pained me once again as he [...]

Battle of Oriskany Anniversary Honors American Defenders of the Mohawk Valley

The Battle of Oriskany - A Movement that Created an Independent America After years of struggling without representation against an increasingly taxing king and aristocracy in England, many citizens in the American colonies united to take a stand, enumerate their grievances, and declare their independence from the established order. This [...]

It’s Time to Adopt Entrepreneurial Thinking

...and disrupt traditional economic development - To no surprise, the Start-Up NY jobs program launched by Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration is underperforming. Created with the intent to grow new businesses by allowing them to operate in NY tax-free for ten years, only 408 jobs have been produced in the two years since the program started. [...]

The Future of Upstate Must Focus On IT Jobs

If we’re serious about creating more high-paying jobs in Upstate New York, we must put careers in information technology front and center in our thinking - let's think IT Jobs! While the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) can't account entirely for rapid market changes and tech disruptions, their forecasts consistently [...]

Opinion: Babinec Announces Formation of Upstate Jobs Party

Posted by: Madison County Courier Upstate Jobs Party promises to transform empty political rhetoric into a movement that will breathe new life into the American Dream Independent candidate for Congress Martin Babinec yesterday announced the creation of a new independent party line – Upstate Jobs. “The Upstate Jobs Party will [...]

Martin Babinec Remarks from Upstate Jobs Party Launch in Utica, NY

Frustrated and betrayed...seems sums up the feeling that too many people have about their government in Washington and Albany.   At the root of that feeling is an abiding sense of disappointment with a two party system invested in perpetuating policy priorities of the special interest donor class and the [...]

Upstate Jobs Party Remarks for Binghamton Launch Event

Frustrated and betrayed ...These words come up far too often as people share their feelings about their government in Washington and Albany.   At the root of that feeling is an abiding sense of disappointment with a two party system invested in perpetuating policy priorities of the special interest donor [...]

The Upstate Jobs Party – For a Smart, Sustainable Future

We all want the freedoms of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It’s what the American Dream is built on. But many of us are either angry or discouraged about the state of our country. America was founded on the principles of representative democracy and meritocracy, but today those [...]