Independent Party Supporting Onondaga County Comptroller’s Campaign for New York State Senate and Embrace of UJP Priorities

Syracuse, NY – Upstate Jobs Party (UJP) founder Martin Babinec today announced the Party’s support for Onondaga County Comptroller Bob Antonacci in his campaign for the 50th New York State Senate District.  In an event at the headquarters of Central New York tech startup SpinCar, UJP announced their support of Antonacci as a leader who truly understands what is needed to improve the business climate, reform state government in Albany, and create real opportunities so young people can to stay and work in the communities they call home.

Martin Babinec said, “The Upstate Jobs Party looked across the State for the right kind of candidate to support.  After spending time getting to know Bob Antonacci and his ideas for how to grow Upstate jobs, it’s clear he’s the right candidate for UJP and Central New York.”

The Upstate Jobs Party is focused on supporting candidates that will work to foster an environment conducive to the creation of innovation jobs through leveraging private investment, supporting a strong local workforce, and eliminating job-killing policies.  The Party is focused on building priorities around stemming the outflow of our young talent, getting government out of the way of investors and entrepreneurs, and fully reforming New York State government.

Comptroller Antonacci said, “I’m honored and humbled to have the support of Martin Babinec and the Upstate Jobs Party. Over 1 million New Yorkers have left the state over the past decade – too many from here in Central New York, and when elected, I’ll work to develop and support policies that will help grow the Upstate economy.”

SpinCar Co-founder and CEO Devin Daly said, “Companies like ours can innovate, succeed, and grow when our public officials understand our needs and challenges.  We chose Syracuse as our home for a reason, and it’s encouraging to find candidates like Bob Antonacci, and efforts like the Upstate Jobs Party that seek to improve Upstate’s business climate so entrepreneurs like me can invest and grow.”

Founded in 2016, the Upstate Jobs Party built initial support through the platform put forward by Martin Babinec, a successful entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of others start and grow companies in Upstate NY. Supporters of his independent Congressional bid for the NY-22nd District came together following the 2016 election with commitments to stay involved in advancing UJP.

In 2017, Upstate Jobs Party endorsed independent candidate Ben Walsh, who successfully upset the political establishment by winning election as Syracuse Mayor on the Upstate Jobs Party line. Walsh is the first independent Mayor in Syracuse in roughly 100 years. “Bob is a fantastic candidate to build on the success we realize in the 2017 election cycle,” said Babinec.

“As we continue to spread our message, we find more and more candidates and elected officials who believe that fostering an environment where new companies in innovation industries can succeed is the surest path towards creating a stronger economy in Upstate NY,” added John Bullis, UJP Chairman.

The UJP will continue to screen candidates for endorsements in the 2018 campaign cycle.  Candidates and volunteers interested in joining the effort to create more jobs in Upstate NY, keep our best and brightest talent from leaving to pursue opportunities elsewhere, and build a strong economy throughout the region, are encouraged to visit to learn more.