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New York Voters Join UJP in ‘Riding the Wave’

The 2018 Election was broadly predicted to be a “Blue Wave” across the [...]

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Building a New Political Party in New York

Upstate Jobs Party builds strength and focus to establish a recognized political party [...]

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Innovation Economy and What It Can Mean for Upstate NY

Talented, well-educated people are the first ingredient to a successful Upstate NY In [...]

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Martin Babinec Testimony to NYS Assembly

November 13, 2017 Hon. Robin Schimminger Member of Assembly Chair, Committee on Economic [...]

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Vote for Change or More of the Same?

A new report by the Federal Reserve uncovers that only a handful of [...]

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Collaboration is the key to creating real jobs in Upstate NY

The cities that succeed in the years ahead will be anchored on communities [...]

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Syracuse Mayoral Race: What Voters Want

Voters state Jobs & the Economy as single most important issue; Select Ben [...]

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Another Day, Another Million – 43North Competition Lights Taxpayer Money On Fire

Hey New York State! Quit using taxpayers' money to pick winners! You’ve likely [...]

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Communities Create Better Upstate Jobs

Help our job creators by leveraging assets right here in our communities to [...]

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Battle of Oriskany Anniversary Honors American Defenders of the Mohawk Valley

The Battle of Oriskany - A Movement that Created an Independent America After [...]

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