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People Over Party

Many of us are sick and tired of the hyper-partisanship that has become [...]

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Media Coverage of Unite NY

Launched earlier in April, the UJP's new initiative - Unite NY - is [...]

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UJP Launches Statewide Unite NY Effort

Bold New Initiative Shifts the Party’s Focus to Statewide Issues and Offers a [...]

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Media Coverage of UJP Leadership

Great story about the new UJP leadership team. We've got a great team [...]

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UJP Launches Bipartisan Legislative Caucus

UJP Announces the Upstate Jobs Caucus in Legislature to focus on common sense, [...]

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UJP Announces New Leadership Team

UJP announces new leadership, Executive Director

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Football, Bruce Springsteen and Unity

If you’re like us, you watched every second of the Big Game on [...]

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New York Must Unite To Recover

As we watched today’s Inauguration of President Joe Biden, it’s difficult to shake [...]

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UJP Claims Strong Election Night Victory

With the 2020 election being one like none other, UJP celebrated victory! We [...]

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Why UJP Thinks Public Money Going to Private Companies is a Bad Idea

UJP has some core tenets or things we truly believe in. We're a [...]

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