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Upstate Leads the Way in Reopening New York

For two months, we have endured a lockdown unlike anything in recent history [...]

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Leadership in Crisis

It’s the right time for the Governor to continue to show his strength as a chief executive by engaging a team within his administration tasked with accelerating decisions on the regional reopening schedule.

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Upstate is Different. Let’s Acknowledge it and Get to Work

One thing we see and hear regularly during this pandemic is “we’re all [...]

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Recovering from COVID and Restarting Upstate

As we appear to have seen a plateau in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations [...]

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Get Involved

2020 is going to be a very important year for the UJP. With [...]

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Our 2020 Approach

Candidates backed by UJP have seen incredible success all over New York State.  [...]

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UJP Seeks Fairness in Petitioning Requirements

Given the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, NYS rightly cut short petitioning [...]

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Governor seeks to kill independent voices

With a major health crisis impacting our State, nation and world, most eyes [...]

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Upstate Jobs Party Calls for Fair Reduction in Candidate Petitioning Minimums

Independent Organization asks for similar reductions for minimums signatures for independent designating petitions [...]

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New York’s Attack on Political Independence

As we share just a few weeks ago in this post, the New [...]

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