…and disrupt traditional economic development –

To no surprise, the Start-Up NY jobs program launched by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration is underperforming.

Created with the intent to grow new businesses by allowing them to operate in NY tax-free for ten years, only 408 jobs have been produced in the two years since the program started. The Business Incentives report released by Empire State Development also revealed more than $50 million was spent on the program’s advertising campaign.

This highly promoted economic development initiative is a prime example of the public relations games politicians play where corporate welfare is disguised as economic development in order to lure business, ensure political donation and provide themselves headlines. This is one of the reason why I created the Upstate Jobs Party – a movement that rejects these games, and calls for an end to wasting taxpayer money on promises that have yet produce real jobs in Upstate New York.

While I agree that new and young businesses are vital to a sustainable economy because it’s these companies that create the most jobs and innovations, entrepreneurs are not interested in tax incentives. As an entrepreneur, time is your most precious commodity. Spending your resources complying with the terms to qualify for such incentives actually becomes a burden and decreases your chances of building a high-growth company quickly.

Instead, I lend my trust to studies by the Kauffman Foundation that show entrepreneurs care more about proximity to talent, customers and the support necessary for a vibrant ecosystem. Not only does Upstate New York offer high quality of life, we’re surrounded by so many natural resources that could and should be utilized to foster entrepreneurship and grow our economy. With over 100 universities and colleges in Upstate alone, we’re sitting on a hotbed of talent and research facilities that can provide our next generation entrepreneurs with the resources needed for success if only we can identify leaders to stand up and take action.

I’m running an independent campaign for Congress and leading the effort to create the Upstate Jobs Party because I know there’s a better way. But we have to do more than just talk about it. If you agree with our plans to create high paying jobs and innovation companies in UNY – get involved! Sign up to be an Upstate Jobs Party Ambassador, and help change the future of Upstate. 

Thanks so much for your help,