Martin Babinec explains how entrepreneurs create jobs, not politicians.

As a serial entrepreneur and startup investor, Babinec understands that it’s not about using tax payer money to launch a new competition or create a new building, it’s about helping first time entrepreneurs get connected to the resources needed for success. That’s why he started the nonprofit Upstate Venture Connect and has assisted in creating six angel seed funds across Upstate New York.

First of all, because of my experience and the fact that I’ve been there and done that, I’m going to start with getting others in leadership roles involved in helping entrepreneurs find the right resources. Second, I would actually bring a lot more visibility to our successful Upstate New York entrepreneurs who can serve as role models for our next generation so we don’t have to keep to waving goodbye to our best and brightest talent. We don’t need to see them move away. They can start companies here and be successful just like the ones they read about in Silicon Valley, New York City, Boston or elsewhere. And third, using the power of the office of Congress I have the opportunity to engage both individuals and groups to become more involved in this job creating environment. I’ve done this for six years through Upstate Venture Connect, and I can take it to another level in a Congressional role, and all of us can actually share in this opportunity to make a difference for others. That’s why I’ve created the Upstate Jobs Party. It’s a vehicle that can help everyone get plugged into the effort. It’s not just for politicians or business leaders – we can all help. So let’s stop wasting our taxpayer dollars on private company deals, and instead let’s step up and help the very talent that’s our next generation of job creators.

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