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The purpose of the Upstate Jobs Party is to provide an independent political platform advocating policies and region wide collaboration aimed at growing jobs and building a vibrant, sustainable future that keeps our families together. We embrace policies, leaders and collaborative approaches that help people start and grow companies, jobs and build strong communities and families. UJP supporters have little patience for hollow promises and instead have a bias for action!
The Upstate Jobs Party has been formed to advocate on issues and approaches we believe help or hinder job creation in Upstate NY.

Through our website, social media presence, press coverage, gathering and other activities, we promote awareness of related issues to the general public in Upstate NY.

We screen and endorse candidates who embrace UJP principles and platform, and may initiate our own independent communications reflecting our support of endorsed candidates. We do not coordinate such communications with any candidate, nor do we get involved in any candidate’s campaign operations, or the candidate’s own advertising or messaging.

Our goals include attracting a gubernatorial candidate to run on the UJP line in the 2022 election. Success in this effort would include securing 50,000 votes statewide for the candidate on the UJP line, thereby helping qualify UJP as a constituted political party in NY State.

As a constituted political party, UJP would immediately be more attractive for all candidates to consider listing on the UJP line, which in turn helps us build broader support for these important principles.

New York State is one of only seven states that permit fusion voting – where candidates running for office can list on more than one line of the ballot.

Even major party candidates want to list on additional minor party lines like UJP because:

• It is an avenue to show support for a platform with principles the candidate is aligned with

• The minor party has a block of voters who will get the candidate visibility of their support with the party’s platform

• In the voting booth, candidates listing on multiple lines instantly look  more credible than a candidate listing only on one line

Politicians in Upstate New York all understand the importance of creating jobs as part of their own campaign messaging to get elected. Instead of embracing the failed economic development policies of the past, UJP presents clear pathways towards building a sustainable job creating future that is attractive to voters, and can build a base of support across candidates and elected officials from a broad spectrum of party affiliation.

Please contact Tim Dunn at
Even if you are registered with another political party you are still eligible to sign the UJP nominating petition. The only requirement is that you be a registered voter in the election district where a UJP candidate is circulating one of our petitions – and you have not already signed a petition for another candidate in the same race.
The Upstate Jobs Party is a volunteer organization. Our leadership committee is actively seeking more volunteers to help with refining the UJP party platform, communicating the UJP message, and assisting with volunteer recruitment and governance such as candidate screening, compliance registration and other party matters. Join us!
We welcome support and participating from all people, regardless of their location, who embrace our principles of removing  job creation obstacles and mobilizing support to create new jobs by leveraging regional assets that help people start and grow companies in Upstate New York.

For the 2019 election cycle, voting on the UJP line will be limited to the races where we have endorsed candidates in local elections.

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Candidates seeking to list on the Upstate Jobs Party ballot line should contact the Party to review requirements and process to be considered as a candidate.
Volunteers are invested to help with any of the following:

  • Inviting Martin Babinec or John Bullis to come and share remarks about UJP with a group of your friends or an organization you are affiliated with
  • Using our training resources to help make phone calls identifying voters and potential candidates receptive to Upstate Jobs Party message
  • For other opportunities to volunteer – email us at and we can discuss more options that work within your schedule and interests
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