Knowing that millennial entrepreneurs have the innovation and talent needed to create high-growth companies, that in turn create high-paying jobs, Martin Babinec is on a mission to provide the leadership and resources necessary to support these young job creators.

In the latest episode of the Babinec JOBS Effect podcast, Babinec shares with us an important reality. Millennial entrepreneurs are digitally savvy, however it’s the tradition paths of referrals by trusted sources and meeting like-minded people at events that produce our most significant relations. Millennials understand this, and continue to seek out help beyond local communities to support their ventures.

Through his nonprofit, Upstate Venture Connect, and years of service as as a startup mentor and investor, Babinec has seen results by creating a foundation that connects the right people to get things done.

And now that the Upstate Jobs Party has collected more than 10,000 petition signatures, we’re confident the people of Upstate New York are ready to support this idea of changing the way we go about creating jobs.

Learn more about how Babinec will continue to supply millennial entrepreneurs with the resources they need to help them on their journeys.


Millennial Entrepreneurs Create Jobs | Upstate Jobs PartyNEXT -> One of the several core missions of the Upstate Jobs Party is to leverage our abundant regional resources to advantage both taxpayers and businesses that create the jobs we need. This reinforces the belief that people, not government, create the private sector jobs we must have to restore economic vitality to our region. Learn more about this UJP issue and several others that will aid the creation high-paying jobs across Upstate New York.