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Help us shape a better job creation environment for all of Upstate New York. 

New York State spends more than $5 billion of our taxpayer dollars each year on initiatives that are targeted to create jobs. Since the NY metro area features robust economic growth of its own, the vast majority of NYS economic development funds are directed towards Upstate.

Promises are made each year about the great investments our politicians make (of our money) to create new jobs, yet with each census the population numbers tell the true story – Upstate New Yorkers are voting with their feet as our population continues to decline.

The most tragic part of our story is that Upstate already possesses the most important ingredient for succeeding in the today’s innovation economy – our renewing pool of highly educated talent created by Upstate having more than 100 colleges and universities that collectively enroll more than a half million students. Graduating more than 100,000 students a year, more than 80% of the graduates of Upstate colleges leave the area after graduating.

The Upstate Jobs Party believes there is a better way to turn our economy around than simply shoveling our taxpayer dollars towards a few selected companies that our politicians choose.

We believe the winning solution is to attack the underlying issues that contribute to our best talent fleeing Upstate to start new companies creating good jobs somewhere else – because it is too hard for entrepreneurs to find the resources they need to start a company here.

This means a coordinated public – private sector effort that is led by people that know about what it takes to create private sector jobs, and supported by public policy makers who can use their office not only to pass policies but to actively engage in the process of helping our institutions cross boundaries to work together in fostering a collaborative environment that puts new entrepreneurs and innovation based companies as the key priorities.

The Upstate Jobs PAC has been formed to help elect leaders who fit that profile and embrace the principles of sound job creation that is private sector led and supported by policy and office holders.

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