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Upstate Jobs Party Podcasts

The Upstate Jobs Party Podcasts are audio interviews with NY District 22 Congressional candidate Martin Babinec + Upstate Jobs Party chairman John Bullis. Topics cover all the Upstate Jobs Party Issues from innovation, opportunities and policies to collaboration, resources and education. 

Podcast: Millennial Entrepreneurs Key to Upstate’s Economy

Knowing that millennial entrepreneurs have the innovation and talent needed to create high-growth companies, that in turn create high-paying jobs, Martin Babinec is on a mission to provide the leadership and resources necessary to support these young job creators. In the latest episode of the Babinec JOBS Effect podcast, Babinec [...]

Podcast: Martin Babinec’s Solution to Job Creation

Martin Babinec shares observations on flaws in our taxpayer-funded Start-Up NY program, and better ways to create jobs in Upstate New York. The truth is that Start-Up NY is a rigged program that allows politicians to substitute tough policy decisions with these catchy TV slogans - like NYS is tax free. [...]

Podcast: Entrepreneurs Create Jobs, Not Politicians

Martin Babinec explains how entrepreneurs create jobs, not politicians. As a serial entrepreneur and startup investor, Babinec understands that it's not about using tax payer money to launch a new competition or create a new building, it's about helping first time entrepreneurs get connected to the resources needed for success. That's [...]

Podcast: Creating Jobs in Upstate NY

Martin Babinec discusses: The types of jobs in Upstate NY needed to create a sustainable economy The industries and companies generating the most high-paying jobs, and The industries and companies generating the most high-paying jobs, and how we can work together to keep our talent from leaving.

Podcast: Who is Martin Babinec?

In the first Babinec JOBS Effect Podcast, Martin introduces himself and discusses why he's committed to helping drive transformation of Upstate NY through accelerating faster growth in creating jobs.