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Upstate Jobs Party Press Releases

Upstate Jobs Party Press Releases represent the most important news on campaign events and milestones. Want to stay in the loop? Sign up for email updates from the Upstate Jobs Party team to have UJP press releases and more news delivered to your inbox. UJP backs Ben Walsh’s bid for Syracuse mayor

By Chris Baker | Photo: Syracuse mayoral candidate Ben Walsh speaks at a press conference at Rapid Response Monitoring on West Division Street, Monday, July 10, 2017. (Chris Baker | SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Ben Walsh's path to the ballot took another turn Monday as he found a backer [...]

Ben Walsh receives Upstate Jobs Party endorsement

For Immediate Release: July 10, 2017 Syracuse, N.Y - Ben Walsh, the independent candidate for Mayor of the City of Syracuse, announced today he has received the exclusive endorsement of the Upstate Jobs Party. "Ben Walsh is the only candidate in this race with the commitment, the know-how and the [...]

WUTR: Catching Up with Martin Babinec

By Grace Fernandez | WUTR ABC Still On a Mission to Create Jobs Yesterday we touched on some of his reflections regarding the campaign running as an independent, but he tells me the campaign wasn't a complete loss as it helped spread his message on creating jobs. "We've run a [...]

Upstate Capital Tonight: CEO Survey Reveals Opportunity; Job Creators

Martin Babinec, Upstate Jobs Party leader and Chairman of Upstate Venture Connect joins Liz Benjamin on Capital Tonight to discuss his commitment to supporting job creators in Upstate New York. 2016 Upstate Venture CEO Report Backs Babinec's Assertions on Job Creation - Through the support of his nonprofit, Upstate Venture [...]

TWC News: Martin Babinec’s Focus Is All About Jobs

By Bill Keeler of Keeler in the Morning | WIBX News "My goal is to retain our best people instead of watching them move away and we need to do that by creating jobs" - Martin Babinec As an entrepreneur and venture catalyst dedicated to creating a sustainable economy in Upstate [...]

TWC News: Film Crew Takes Closer Look at Outsider Politics

By Melissa Krull | TWC News Time Warner Cable Interviews Martin Babinec and the Film Crew of 'Running Independent' Election season may be over, but some are still taking a closer look at the political process. A film crew followed a former 22nd Congressional District candidate on the campaign trail, [...]

TWC News: Watch 22nd Congressional Debate

By TWC News Web Staff Full Coverage of 22nd Congressional District Debate at Colgate University TWC News Video: The three candidates for the 22nd Congressional District hit the debate stage Thursday — exclusively on Time Warner Cable News. Republican Claudia Tenney, Democrat Kim Myers and independent Martin Babinec had a chance [...]

Upstate Jobs Party Line Remains Separate on November Ballot

Babinec Campaign Wins Reversal at State Board of Elections Babinec will have separate Reform and Upstate Jobs Party lines in November - Board decision made public in wake of Siena College - Time Warner News poll. Little Falls, New York – Under the threat of state lawsuit, the State Board [...]

Podcast: Millennial Entrepreneurs Key to Upstate’s Economy

Knowing that millennial entrepreneurs have the innovation and talent needed to create high-growth companies, that in turn create high-paying jobs, Martin Babinec is on a mission to provide the leadership and resources necessary to support these young job creators. In the latest episode of the Babinec JOBS Effect podcast, Babinec [...]

Communities Create Better Upstate Jobs

Help our job creators by leveraging assets right here in our communities to create better Upstate jobs. Last week, William Dudley, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York released remarks on the State's economic outlook, focusing on job growth that pained me once again as he [...]

Podcast: Martin Babinec’s Solution to Job Creation

Martin Babinec shares observations on flaws in our taxpayer-funded Start-Up NY program, and better ways to create jobs in Upstate New York. The truth is that Start-Up NY is a rigged program that allows politicians to substitute tough policy decisions with these catchy TV slogans - like NYS is tax free. [...]

Capital Tonight: Babinec Secures Upstate Jobs Party Line

By: Capital Tonight Staff Businessman Martin Babinec last week filed more than 10-thousand signatures to form the Upstate Jobs Party line. Watch -> Babinec Creates Upstate Jobs Line in NY-22 This after he failed to make it on the ballot as the Independence Party candidate. He does also have the [...]

Battle of Oriskany Anniversary Honors American Defenders of the Mohawk Valley

The Battle of Oriskany - A Movement that Created an Independent America After years of struggling without representation against an increasingly taxing king and aristocracy in England, many citizens in the American colonies united to take a stand, enumerate their grievances, and declare their independence from the established order. This [...]

State of Politics: NY-22: Babinec Files Petitions for Ballot Line

By: State of Politics Martin Babinec, a businessman who is launching an independent bid for a central New York congressional seat, has filed more than 10,000 signatures with the Board of Elections in order to form the Upstate Jobs Party ballot line, his campaign on Monday announced. “We’ve experienced a [...]

Times Telegram: Babinec files 10,000 signatures for Upstate Jobs Party line

By: Times Telegram LITTLE FALLS — Martin Babinec, an Independent and Reform party candidate, filed more than 10,000 signatures with the state Board of Elections to establish the Upstate Jobs Party line. "We've experienced a groundswell of support from voters across the district who are tired of the same old [...]

New York’s Largest Congressional Petition Effort

Independent candidate Martin Babinec files 10,000+ signatures to create Upstate Jobs Party line Little Falls, New York - In an unprecedented effort, Independent and Reform Party candidate Martin Babinec today filed over 10,000 signatures with the New York State Board of Elections to establish the Upstate Jobs Party line. The [...]

WSYR-TV: Newsmakers Interviews Martin Babinec on UNY Jobs Plan

By: Dan Cummings | WSYR-TV Newsmakers Dan’s guest is Martin Babinec, candidate of the Reform Party, who is running for Congress in Central New York’s 22nd District. If Babinec’s apparent write-in victory on primary night holds up, he will be in a three-way race against Republican-Conservative Claudia Tenney and Democrat Kim [...]

State of Politics: Babinec Has Enough Signatures for November Ballot

By: State of Politics Martin Babinec, a businessman running as an independent for the open 22nd congressional district in central New York, announced on Tuesday he had collected the required number of signatures to gain access for his Upstate Jobs Party this November. Babinec is running for the NY22 district [...]

Times Telegram: Upstate Jobs Party Receives Enough Petitions for November

By: Times Telegram LITTLE FALLS — Martin Babinec, independent and Reform Party candidate for Congress, announced Tuesday the Upstate Jobs Party has collected enough signatures to qualify the line for the November ballot. "The Upstate Jobs Party has been met with incredible enthusiasm from voters of all walks of life [...]

Upstate Jobs Party Petition Drive Complete Success

Martin Babinec announces the Upstate Jobs Party petition drive meets threshold in only 17 days; qualifies for November ballot line Pleased with the overwhelming response, Babinec asks for volunteers to continue the Upstate Jobs Party petition drive to send a message that Upstate Jobs are a priority!   Little Falls, New [...]

It’s Time to Adopt Entrepreneurial Thinking

...and disrupt traditional economic development - To no surprise, the Start-Up NY jobs program launched by Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration is underperforming. Created with the intent to grow new businesses by allowing them to operate in NY tax-free for ten years, only 408 jobs have been produced in the two years since the program started. [...]

Podcast: Entrepreneurs Create Jobs, Not Politicians

Martin Babinec explains how entrepreneurs create jobs, not politicians. As a serial entrepreneur and startup investor, Babinec understands that it's not about using tax payer money to launch a new competition or create a new building, it's about helping first time entrepreneurs get connected to the resources needed for success. That's [...]

The Future of Upstate Must Focus On IT Jobs

If we’re serious about creating more high-paying jobs in Upstate New York, we must put careers in information technology front and center in our thinking - let's think IT Jobs! While the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) can't account entirely for rapid market changes and tech disruptions, their forecasts consistently [...]

State of Politics: NY-22 – Babinec Launches Petition Drive

By: State of Politics Martin Babinec, the central New York businessman who is launching an independent bid for Congress in the 22nd district, announced Tuesday he had started a petition drive to create a new ballot line, the Upstate Jobs Party. The party line will bolster Babinec’s spot on the [...]

Times Telegram: Babinec Launches Upstate Jobs Party Petition Drive

By: Times Telegram UTICA — Independent candidate for Congress Martin Babinec announced Tuesday the launch of the petition drive to gather signatures to qualify the Upstate Jobs Party as an independent party line for the November ballot. "If you care about jobs for our families, for our children, for our [...]