By: WKTV News

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro visited Little Falls on Friday afternoon to talk job creation at the home of former Congressional candidate and entrepreneur Martin Babinec in Little Falls.

Molinaro currently serves as Dutchess County Executive. When asked about what he would do for upstate if he’s elected, he said that concerns are similar around the state: people want to know that they and their children can find jobs, and afford to live in New York State.

“So our goal really is to drive down property taxes, drive down the cost and the burden on families and businesses, and create opportunities so that businesses can grow,” Molinaro said.

The Associated Press Reports that on Molinaro said on Thursday he has enough support from county Republican leaders statewide to win the GOP nomination for the November election.

Also on the Republican ticket will be former New York Department of Housing and Community Renewal Commissioner Joseph Holland. State Sen. John DeFrancisco of Syracuse was also seeking the GOP nomination, but he announced this week that he’s suspending his campaign.