Organization dedicated to improving Upstate economy calls Independent candidate the “clear choice for change”

Buffalo, NY – The Upstate Jobs Party (UJP) today announced their endorsement of Lynne Dixon for Erie County Executive, citing her focus on rooting out corruption, fixing a broken economy, and fixing a broken two-party system. This is the first endorsement by the independent organization in Western New York.  Watch the announcement here.

At an event hosted by the innovation economy leader Evolution Dental Science, UJP Chair John Bullis endorsed Lynne Dixon on behalf of Upstate Jobs Party, the only independent political organization working to stem the outflow of our talent, boost the Upstate Economy, and fix a broken two party system.

Bullis said “Upstate Jobs believes in enabling the individual to succeed, unleashing the talent and creativity of our people to invest and grow. In Erie County, we see a choice between traditional Party politics and an Independent candidate who will fight for what is right. As such, UJP knows Lynne Dixon is the clear choice for change, for integrity in government, and for reviving a hurting Upstate economy.” 

The UJP is focused on supporting candidates who will work to foster an environment conducive to the creation of innovation jobs through leveraging private investment, supporting a strong local workforce, and eliminating job-killing policies. The Party is focused on building priorities around stemming the outflow of our young talent, getting government out of the way of investors and entrepreneurs, and fully reforming New York State government. UJP specifically noted Dixon’s call for greater transparency in the Solar City Deal as a reason for their endorsement, in addition to her independence and willingness to challenge the traditional two-Party system.

Lynne Dixon, Candidate for Erie County Executive said, “I am happy to have the endorsement and support of the Upstate Jobs Party.  I am humbled by the faith they have in me to represent their mission well.  The US economy is on fire across the country, and policies here at home have left us behind.  Job creation nationally is almost five times faster than it was here in Buffalo last year.  That’s unacceptable.  The Upstate Jobs Party has committed themselves to changing our course, which will improve our economy, create jobs, and truly help people.  I am thankful for their support, and the momentum it brings to my campaign.”

Founded in 2016, the Upstate Jobs Party is an organization working to improve the Upstate economy through the platform initially forwarded by Martin Babinec, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of others start and grow companies in Upstate NY.

In 2017, UJP supported independent candidate Ben Walsh, who successfully upset the political establishment by winning election as Syracuse Mayor on an Upstate Jobs Party line.

In 2018, UJP endorsed Republicans Bob Antonacci (Onondaga County) and Daphne Jordan (Saratoga County) for State Senate and Democrat Carrie Woerner (Saratoga County) for State Assembly. All were elected.

In addition to Lynne Dixon, UJP’s 2019 endorsements have included Democrat Mark Blask for reelection in Little Falls and Republican Ryan McMahon for election as Onondaga County Executive. Visit to learn more.