Bold New Initiative Seeks to Embrace the Moderate Voters Left Behind by Both Major Parties

The Upstate Jobs Party (UJP) today announced a major effort to embrace non-partisan problem solving and allowing a new path for the millions of moderate New York State voters to engage in the process with Unite NY.

Following a rapidly disintegrating political environment more focused on accusations, whataboutisms, and extreme causes, the focus on Unite NY will represent a clear and concerted effort to seek middle ground on issues that matter to New Yorkers.  

Unite NY will focus efforts on policies and leaders that improve New York’s economy, strengthens democracy and government effectiveness without being bound by party or geography. Unite NY’s mantra will be People Over Party.

Following a tumultuous four years in Washington that culminated with the dark events of January 6, UJP reflected upon our own issues here in New York.  New York’s economy has continued to struggle while the national economy grows. Populations in other states are rising, yet New York continues to be a national leader in outmigration.  On top of these economic and population struggles, New York economic policy continues our failing strategy of government picking favorites, rather than building an ecosystem that fosters personal responsibility for success.  

These economic challenges are exacerbated by a State government that spends too much time and effort bolstering itself instead of making democracy work for the people.  This is manifested in too many examples of a State Government insulting those that question them, hiding public information, and generally thwarting democracy by making it harder for the average person to be involved.

UJP Founder Martin Babinec said, “UJP has been building momentum since our founding in 2016, helping great independent leaders like Mayor Ben Walsh achieve electoral success, while shining a light on the opportunities presented by the innovation economy.  Today, we announce this new effort focused upon Unity to show New Yorkers there is no divided blue or red path to a better tomorrow, but rather a united, independent path we can follow to make New York better and fairer for all.”

Inspired by President Biden’s Inaugural message on unity, in the coming months, Unite NY will be announcing new platform and policy imperatives to unite New Yorkers and improve our government and democracy.  These imperatives will focus upon improving economic opportunities and outcomes, as well as bolstering a more democratic approach to New York State government. 

UJP State Chair John Bullis said, “The time is long past due for some honest to goodness common sense to be injected into New York State politics.  UJP’s new Unite NY effort will seek a unified, independent path for candidates, public officials, and all New Yorkers to ensure a brighter future.”

As the Unite New York platform is developed, UJP expects to support a handful of key candidates around the State for public office in 2021, focusing on independent problem solvers – regardless of party affiliation – who have demonstrated their ability to cross party lines and get things done. The Unite NY approach is intended to be an additional resource to help those candidates succeed and thrive.