Former Congressional Candidate, Founder of TriNet and Upstate Venture Connect, Martin Babinec Announces the Formation of Upstate Jobs PAC and a new non-profit 501(c)4, “Vote Upstate Jobs”

Entities launches today with a goal toward recruiting and electing a 2018 gubernatorial candidate create an Upstate Jobs Line

Upstate Job PAC will provide support to Syracuse Mayoral Candidate Ben Walsh and other candidates that embrace private sector led development

Syracuse, New York – Former Congressional candidate, founder of NYSE listed TriNet and non-profit Upstate Venture Connect, Martin Babinec today announced the formation of the Upstate Jobs PAC and a new non-profit 401(c)4, “Vote Upstate Jobs.”

“For the past half century, government efforts to spur Upstate job creation has been little more than a series of corporate giveaways and broken promises. The Upstate Jobs Party believes there is a better way to turn our economy around than simply shoveling our taxpayer dollars towards a few selected companies that our politicians choose,” said Babinec.

Vote Upstate Jobs is being formed as an outgrowth of Babinec’s pledge to help drive greater awareness of how private sector job creation can be stimulated through engaging the assets we already have right here. The Upstate Jobs PAC is a separate entity formed to help elect leaders, from Mayor to Governor, who embrace principles of sound job creation that is private sector-led and supported by policy office holders.

“The Upstate Jobs PAC is supporting Ben Walsh because he is exactly the kind of leader that Upstate New York needs to finally break from the failed policies of the past and provide a new direction that invests in home grown talent,” said Babinec.

New York State spends more than $5 billion of taxpayer dollars each year on initiatives that are largely targeted to create jobs Upstate – the results have been nothing short of disastrous as Upstate New Yorkers are voting with their feet and population continues to decline. The Upstate Jobs PAC believes the winning solution is to attack the underlying issues that contribute to our best talent fleeing Upstate to start new companies creating good jobs somewhere else – and instead help them create them right here.

John Bullis, Chairman of Vote Upstate Jobs, 501c4, said, “Yesterday’s report by the Federal Reserve, that job growth has once again ground to halt in Buffalo and Rochester, is just the latest proof that government give-aways don’t work. We need to educate and elect leaders who have the courage to say no to quick fixes and gimmicks that make good headlines, but don’t add to the headcount of people with jobs.”

Concluded Babinec, “Our announcement today on the formation of formal entities chartered to raise public awareness and separately support candidates who align with our principles is an indication of growing public support for UJP’s beliefs about how to create jobs. Our goal from the very beginning has been to create a constituted minor party that will help influence the direction of our public policy in NY state. With our endorsement of Ben Walsh and other candidates to follow, the Upstate Jobs PAC looks forward to growing this effort with a goal toward endorsing a candidate for Governor in 2018.”


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