UJP makes only Statewide race endorsement; cites compelling vision for seeing how AG priorities can influence job creation

Albany, NY – Upstate Jobs Party (UJP) founder Martin Babinec today announced a major endorsement by UJP, the first the independent organization has made in a Statewide race. UJP announced their strong support for New York State Attorney General Candidate Keith Wofford. On the heels of Mr. Wofford being endorsed by the Buffalo News and New York Post, UJP noted he was the only candidate in the race with strong Upstate roots, political independence, and a dedicated commitment to cleaning up corruption, inefficiencies, and inequities in Albany tied directly to practices and policies related to New York’s approach to development. These attributes are vital to UJP’s focus on reversing the outmigration of our young people, overhauling economic development policy, and leading holistic government reform in the State.

Martin Babinec said, “The Upstate Jobs Party looked across the State for the right kind of candidates to support and we’ve found an ideal candidate in Keith Wofford. Keith is whip-smart, dedicated to a comprehensive reform of State government, and well schooled in the issues most important to Upstate New York. After spending time getting to know Keith and his vision for the office and New York, it’s clear he is an ideal candidate to unlock the greatness of our economy, fight the corruption tax we’re currently paying in the State, and reforming our State government.”

Keith Wofford was born and raised in Buffalo by hard-working blue collar parents. With his family’s support, Keith attended Harvard University and then Harvard Law School, prior to a successful career as an attorney in New York City who fights to recover money from companies that refuse to pay their debts. He has impressed voters across the State with his firm grip on issues most important to Upstate, including the struggling economy, corrupt government, and the opioid crisis. He’s developed clear plans to combat these issues and shown a strong commitment to independence and transparency.

Candidate for Attorney General Keith Wofford said, “I’m honored to have the endorsement and support of the Upstate Jobs Party, as a kid from the east side of Buffalo I know upstate has been ignored for too long.  As an independent Attorney General, I will fight corruption across the state, so we all stop paying a corruption tax and finally have an opportunity to revive the upstate economy. The men and women upstate have seen too many jobs leave the area. It’s time to turn that around.”

The Upstate Jobs Party is focused on supporting candidates that will work to foster an environment conducive to the creation of innovation jobs through leveraging private investment, supporting a strong local workforce, and eliminating job-killing policies. UJP is focused on building priorities around stemming the outflow of our young talent, getting government out of the way of investors and entrepreneurs, and fully reforming New York State government.

Founded in 2016, the Upstate Jobs Party built support through the platform put forward by Martin Babinec, a successful software and tech entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of others start and grow companies in Upstate NY. Supporters of his independent Congressional bid came together following the 2016 election with commitments to stay involved in advancing UJP.

In 2017, the Upstate Jobs Party supported independent candidate Ben Walsh, who successfully upset the political establishment by winning election as Syracuse Mayor on an Upstate Jobs Party line. Walsh is the first independent Mayor in Syracuse in more than 70 years.  In September, UJP announced that New York State Senate Candidate Bob Antonacci would be running on the line for the 50th Senatorial District in Syracuse.  Just a few weeks ago, UJP announced strong support for a bipartisan team in the Capital Region, endorsing Republican candidate for State Senate Daphne Jordan in the 43rd Senate district and Democratic Assembly Member Carrie Woerner for reelection.

“As we continue to spread our message, we find more and more candidates and elected officials who believe that fostering an environment where new companies in innovation industries can succeed is the surest path towards creating a stronger economy in Upstate NY.  We’re confident that Keith Wofford will be just that kind of an elected official when he is elected November 6,” added John Bullis, UJP Chairman.

Through UJP’s affiliated independent expenditure committee, supporters have committed significant resources towards electing candidates in the 2018 campaign cycle that believe in real policies to grow the Upstate economy. Volunteers interested in joining the effort to create more jobs in Upstate NY, keep our best and brightest talent from leaving to pursue opportunities elsewhere, and build a strong economy throughout the region are encouraged to visit UpstateJobs.org to learn more.