Babinec Campaign Wins Reversal at State Board of Elections

Babinec will have separate Reform and Upstate Jobs Party lines in November – Board decision made public in wake of Siena College – Time Warner News poll.

Little Falls, New York – Under the threat of state lawsuit, the State Board of Elections yesterday agreed to reverse a decision to consolidate the Reform and Upstate Jobs lines, ensuring that the over 10,000 petitioners will not be disenfranchised in November.
Last week, without notice, the State Board informed various news outlets that the Babinec Campaign would be consolidated from two lines to one on the ballot. Upon learning of this decision, through the media, the campaign initiated a lawsuit to compel the Board to reverse its decision. The Board’s decision was oddly made public in the wake of recent Siena / Time Warner poll showing Babinec to be a competitive candidate in the race to replace retiring Congressman Richard Hanna.
“At turn after turn, the politicized Board of Elections, controlled by the two major parties works to discourage independent candidates and caters to the career politicians who are failing to provide us with the real solutions,” Martin Babinec.
The litany of delays, denial and partisan political chicanery leveled against the Babinec campaign are well documented. Babinec was denied the Independence line because hundreds of valid registrations were not processed by local boards of election. It took almost 2 months for the State board to certify Babinec the winner of the Reform Party opportunity to ballot and until September to certify the Upstate Jobs line.
“Our founding fathers dreaded two party politics and sought to ‘restrain it’ – apparently they had good reason to,” concluded Babinec.